E. coli/Total Coliform (Presence/ Absence)

Matrix: DW 
NP Method: SM 9223 B (Colilert-18)

Sample Requirements


100 mL Polystyrene (Sterilized)

Min. Volume (mL)3:



Na2S2O3 (0.008%) , Cool to < 10°C

Holding Time:

30 Hours


01. Abbreviations
DW = Drinking Water
NP = Non Potable (includes wastewater, surface water, etc.)
HW = Hazardous Waste

02. Sample lists typical bottle provided by Ana-Lab.

03. The minimum volume does not allow for re-runs or QC specific (Duplicate, MS, MSD) analysis.

04. Three glass quarts (amber for organics) are required for MS/MSD analysis.

05. Three vials are required for MS/MSD analysis.

06. Bottle obtained from subcontractor.

07. 100g required for TCLP metals only. Complete TCLP may require up to 1500g.

08. Soil Samples require a 5035 Kit in most cases.


C₆H₈O₆ – Ascorbic Acid
EDA – Ethylenediamine
EDTA – N,N’-1,2-Ethane dilybis-(N-(carboxymethyl)glycine)
HCl – Hydrochloric Acid
HNO₃ – Nitric Acid
H₂SO₄​ – Sulfuric Acid
Na₂S₂O₃​ – Sodium Thiosulfate
Na₂SO₃ – Sodium Sulfite
NaHSO₄ – Sodium Bisulfate
NaOH – Sodium Hydroxide
NH₄Cl – Ammonium Chloride
ZnC₄H₆O₄ – Zinc Acetate